YouTube Tuesday: Jamie Anderson's Favorite Balancing Poses

Happy YouTube Tuesday! In this segment, we find awesome yoga videos from throughout the internet to inspire us in our practices. Today we're featuring professional snowboarder/yogini Jamie Anderson's favorite yoga poses for stability.

After her slopestyle win last year, Anderson told reporters, "Last night, I was so nervous. I couldn't even eat. I was trying to calm down. Put on some meditation music, burn some sage. Got the candles going. Just trying to do a little bit of yoga. ... Last night, I was processing so much. I just had to write. I write a lot. I was writing in my journal. Listening to calm music. It was all about good vibration. Thankfully I slept really good. I did some mantras. It worked out for me."

Anderson's favorite balancing poses include Standing Bow Pose (Variation of Dancer's), Handstand and Tree Pose.

Does yoga improve your balance in the rest of your life?