#YouTubeTuesday: Backbending Class With Ana Forrest

Watch and pose with Forrest Yoga founder, Ana Forrest, as she guides you through a backbending class, which is bound to open up your heart as well as your physical body.

Cody Online Fitness writes:

"This 30-minute backbend yoga class by Ana Forrest works to open your heart, release tension from the spine, and engage in a journey of self-care. In this class, you will work through beginner backbends such as Bridge Pose with a yoga block, Wheel Pose, and more.

This Forrest Yoga practice focuses on backbends to open your physical body and free up your heart to expose the compassion, self-respect and self-worth hidden underneath. Backbends are notorious for making people feel vulnerable, shaky and emotional. And rather than fight these moments, together we will embrace them for being the gifts they are."

Comment below and share your favorite yoga YouTube videos with us. Join Ana Forrest at Wanderlust O'ahu from Feb. 25-28, 2016. 

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