#YouTubeTuesday: Blissology's How to Do a Handstand

Get to your mat and enjoy these tips and tricks from Blissology's and Wanderlust's own Eion Finn to nail your handstand

Follow these three easy Blissology Yoga steps to handstand mastery: 

  1. Integration Phase
  2. Getting Vertical Phase
  3. Locking in Phase. 

Remember that handstands are fun and great therapy. 

Comment below and share your favorite yoga YouTube videos with us. Join Eion Finn at Wanderlust O'ahu from Feb. 25-28, 2016. 

Our #YouTubeTuesday series features some of our favorite and most inspiring yoga videos from around the web to help inspire us on and off the mat. Have a favorite YouTube clip of your own to submit? Head to our Submissions Page