#YouTubeTuesday: Yoga With Adriene's Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga can be an incredibly healing practice, but it can be hard to find the flow of the practice if you are suffering from debilitating back pain. 

Luckily, Yoga With Adriene created a series of videos, like the one below, to help guide individuals suffering from back pain in their practice.

In this gentle practice, you'll massage out your lower spine, stretch the hips and legs, as well as perform cat-cows, to gently move the spine. You'll also take gentle twists and practice pigeon pose. 

 Do you suffer from back pain? Share your favorite healing poses with us. 

Our #YouTubeTuesday series features some of our favorite and most inspiring yoga videos from around the web to help inspire us on and off the mat. Have a favorite YouTube clip of your own to submit? Head to our Submissions Page.