You've Been Angeled: Gifts to Brighten Someone's Day


We have all been there:  You just need a pick me up, something small, a reminder that you are loved and cared for by those around you.

Or maybe you need something to tell you to keep going, don’t give up just yet.

You’ve Been Angeled is the perfect way to brightened anyone’s day. This new gifting idea all started by two sisters, Eva and Esther. Both sisters love to create art; Eva works as an artist and hands on energy worker in Portland, Maine and Esther has a successful printing business in NYC.  Together the sisters are committed to presenting art that nourishes an angelic spirit.

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The Angels came to Eva four years ago and You’ve Been Angeled was born, ready for you to share the love!! The Angels have been patiently waiting for the sisters to introduce them to you. Each Angel has a lot to say and sending an Angel delivers lasting love and inspiration, whether it’s a celebration, special occasion, someone in need of a hug, or just because.

The sisters love passing goodness along. Kindness and Angeling are acts to be cultivated. So, in this spirit the sisters have chosen three charities to which 10% of their profits will be passed along!

Preble Street Resource Center works with housing and feeding the homeless in our community and so much more.

The Good Shepard Food Bank feeds people in Maine.

Institute for Humane Education is actively educating for change and creating a forum for ‘solutionaries’ who are engaged in creating a more just and humane world.

Besides their underlying meaning, each angel is just beautiful with their light colored Raw Ash Wood frame and bright hand painted colors. They are printed on 100% cotton fine art Hahnemuhle Paper. Framed Angels are $36.00 each, Unframed Angels $18.00 each (standard shipping included). You can pick an angel to suit any particular need, such as Courage, Empathy, Hope, Chance and many more. Each angel has its own poetic story, truly adding a special quality to this beautiful gift.

The Angels are reaching out to people in many different ways. Vera Sweeny from ‘Lady and the Blog’ said: “My Angel was Courage and when I opened my package, I had been having a particularly bad “mommy” day.  It truly just made me feel so at peace to read her story.”

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Not only can they brighten your day, they are “So fun, so unique, they are really wonderful.” - Reesa Lewandowski, ‘Momma Lew Blog’. Giving or receiving an angel will brighten your day! For 'Angeling' is gifting from the heart. So when its time to gift: think Angels.


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